5 Ways YOU Can Help Pollinators

September 13, 2018


Pollinators are essential for the production of the flowers, fruits, vegetables and nuts that we enjoy. Unfortunately, the pollinators are having a rough time just surviving.


In late 2016, 7 different species of bees were declared endangered. Scientists and Bee Keepers suspect that heavy doses of harmful pesticides (usually containing neonicotinoids) and poor living conditions (like insufficient diets, habitat destruction and invasive parasites) are to blame for these dangerous and fatal losses to bee colonies.


It's up to us now to help rebuild bee and other pollinator populations so that we can all live in a sustainable world, where we help our bee friends and they help us by pollinating our crops.


Here are five things you can do to help pollinators in your garden:


1. Plant many different kinds of flowers wherever you can -- different types of flowers attract different types of pollinators!


You can find seeds to plant on our website.


2. Grow organic -- refraining from using harmful pesticides and other chemicals used for pest and weed control helps out our pollinator friends by not poisoning them while they collect pollen and nectar.


Instead try using organic pest sprays (like this garlic & hot pepper spray from DIY Natural) to combat destructive bugs & other pests.


3. Support Local Organic Farmers. By purchasing locally and organically grown produce, you're ensuring that harmful pesticides aren't being sprayed on pollinators and the produce that you eat.


4. Start A Co-Op of like-minded individuals to help raise an organic garden and/or beehives. Raising a garden using organic methods ensures that you will not only get native pollinators (like bees, beetles & butterflies) coming to your garden, but also gives them nourishment without harming them with pesticides.


Research local humane beekeepers in your area to find out more about raising bees and how you can help them.


5. Tell others about the plight of the pollinators. Education is the first step to creating lasting positive change to our environment. The best way to spread the word is to tell others about it. The more people you tell about bees and their alarming population declines, the more people will be able to help the bees and other pollinators.


For more information about the bees' and other pollinators' decline in recent years, please visit www.beefriendproject.org






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